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There's an Art project under way and you can help.
Firstly thank you for showing an interest in supporting anyone on Patreon your help is vital to many artists, I hope you gain useful and meaningful insight into the creative process and a deeper understanding of what it takes to create something . If its a broad interest or something specific your wanting to know your interaction and comments are important  so ask anything, nothing is off the table.
The Project is one I've been thinking about for a long time. I'm creating a series of portraits based on one conversation I've had with a lovely bunch of individual people I know ... the Individual part is important. I enjoy the company and friendship of people from all walks of life and the individualism of their personality shines bright so I decided that the truest form of a likeness and understanding of someone is through what they say and how they are themselves. 
The starting point to the portraits is an open conversation with no construct other than one question "what is your animal" which will appear in all of the works of art, the rest is based on the conversation . I'm trying to get a likeness not only of their features but who they are . I know this only gives me a snippet of their whole personality but the truest glimpse of them as a human.
Each work starts with a drawing of them from the moment of the conversation and from there I play with the notes I took from the chat, They have lead to a strongly narrative base with elements of the visual creating a surreal feel to the work. I'm aiming to complete over 25 Portraits and exhibit them all together upon completion...
and this is where your support comes in Ill update the whole process on Patreon from beginning to end and you can join me for the experience and along the way hopefully the process too there will be benefits to your support. Your direct funding support will give me the freedom to create the works of art in a truly meaningful way, thank you ---- Lee 

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