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New Work


"In Search Of A Night Owl" 2018 
New Manimal drawing 
Playful thoughts of our search for the perfect partner in life, here the nocturnal hunter cat has realised the search for "the one" has attributes and qualities similar to herself but often the differences draw us closer. The film noir photographic style of the 1930/40's lend it self to the drama and romanticism that might ensue.
Inspired by a photo of Hedy Lamarr for a film called Heavenly Body taken by Laszlo Willinger circa 1943

Just finished a New Manimal drawing just before the close of 2018 "Harmony" 
We could all do with a little more of it, embracing the better qualities of others and allowing our weakness to be supported by another's strength.
Dancers have that trust built into their repertoire through hours of endless practice unseen by an audience, similar to the process of creating a drawing in a way, no vision of an idea comes about in isolation but through the lived experience each of us can not escape. So embrace the difference and celebrate it, the out come can be shared with everyone. 


New Manimal drawing "swan song" 
All moments of peace are hard fought for but when one reaches that calm shore the trial of getting there is lost in the first pause for breath. 
Drawing can test every observation and becomes more than just the image you create. Understanding form and structure, balancing observation with flowing light that falls across shapes to inform texture, is for me that balance of abstraction and realism. One can't exist without the other

Have you got a Question? 

I often get asked lots of questions about the Manimal Art work if you have one or want a commission, enquiry for Exhibition  Please drop me a line via the Contact page


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