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Breathe Between Heartbeats

Breathe Between Heartbeats

 Graphite on Paper 2016 20"H x 13"W 
We often wear a different masks during the day, fulfilling roles to suit the needs, wants and desires of others yet always keeping true to ourselves. we do not diminish that fact by giving of ourselves to others. In this work I thought of how we perform roles during the day, the expectations, duty etc. we add to each encounter our own self, our id. in the moments between we remain and at the end of the day we rest to recoup and disentangle the life lived. In that moment we breathe, in our dreams we let the subconscious filter through the dream to prepare for the next waking moments.

I use animals to depict humanity as a tool, we have always used it in story telling. We are used to it in our everyday language, we have heard it through our histories and cultures, its allegorical style engaging and we adopt the understanding of the projected meaning to the presence and qualities he animal portrays.

I use Graphite as a medium because of its simplicity and diversity of mark making we all have a knowledge of using a pencil the monochromatic nature allows an imagination of colour to flourish for me reminiscent of watching old black and white films and remembering them in colour.

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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