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Eat, Pray Love

Eat, Pray Love

This Manimal art work is one of four drawings based on aspects of the same person, "Eat Pray Love" takes  aspects of the characteristics of the sitter, here the fundamental elements are of an alternate view her depiction as a cat goes to narrate her strong independence her nature inquisitive  assured confidence of her self yet soft and not overtly aggressive she carries both her heart vulnerable and on display and a black apple which often depicts the foreboding of danger is held with a knowledge  that she is in control of its poisonousness nature and is held far away from the exposed heart. Her stance is open but strong giving her a playful but assured air. Eat :her consumption of the Apple or not is her choice,  Love: her heart exposed and openness,  Pray:  is you  the viewer to ask you to look, enquire, engage without prejudgement

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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