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The adoption of animals to describe humanity has been with us as an allegorical way of story telling for many generations and crosses many cultures here with the Manimal art work "Evermore" I created a portrait of myself and my partner each as an aspect of our personality a very personal artwork which has at its core an honesty and openness the hare represented depicts the aspects of alertness openness and freedom, intensely aware but calm in her known surroundings. the Black cat is my response to the ever watchful observance my cat has, loyal and devoted the black cat can blend in but has a mystique in culture its mystery is similar to the artists role in modern culture. the bare figure from the waist up shares the vulnerability and closeness  the dressed lower figure moving to depict a modernity the tattooed leggings read always and forever, a romantic gesture as is the reference of the Edgar Allan Poe Evermore. The figures hold each other with gentle nature  against the backdrop of an empty frame still yet to be filled in the dark walled- unknown future. reminding us that the present is important to direct us in the best way forward together.

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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