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Hold up your truth and see

Hold up your truth and see

The elements in this  Manimal drawing are to do with honesty, truth and the uncomfortable nature of that process but ultimately the beauty it can reveal.
Inspired by the photographs of Alfred Cheney Johnston and his work based on the Ziegfeld follies I came across a picture of Blanche Saatchel C1925 in the background of which was a tapestry of a reproduction of 'Francois Bouchers 1742 painting "Diana Leaving Her Bath" Diana was associated with wildlife and hunting , a connection in the main figure in the reflective sense her is the hunt for truth. The horse element come from the Celtic base for the goddess Epona who said to guide the soul and is associated with the horse.
In combining the imagery of the Ziegfeld woman and the mythological elements I wanted to narrate a scene that although we may assume what she was like only she knew. Her reflective and contemplative pose mirrors the viewer of the picture as she seeks her truth it opens a question do you seek yours?

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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