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In Step

In Step


"In Step" 2017 drawing -Graphite. The latest Manimal depicts my partner Andrea and her son ."In step" came about with a walk down a sunny street in the cathedral quarter in Belfast during a celebration of a wedding we attended last year. Andrea and her son Callan walked in conversation I skipped ahead to snap a few pictures to remember the day for another time and the image I caught seemed to capture a halcyon day, which developed into this work.
A mother and son so tuned, their relation ship strong in harmony and balance. The scene falls away behind them, moving forward together. Not distracted by the material, (represented by the classic vintage car ) their richness lays between their understanding of one another. Cal's white rabbit reflects the youthfulness and opportunity and Andrea's hare alludes to her nature watchfully and aware over her son.

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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