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Knowing - Graphite - 2014
The thoughts behind Knowing was how the term Vixen to describe women might have been used.
How the modern urban usage gives more sexually overtones to describe a Vixen
Vixen was use to describe "a spirited or quarrelsome woman" now the urban dictionary describes a Vixen as "Totally gorgeous and amazing human female. With the cutest smile and a sweet ass body. Loves partying and drinks a lot but is still incredibly smart"
Still both terms I feel objectify women but pay a small note to the independence and intelligence of her character which to me is more honest independence akin to the use of the female fox to narrate the concept of the aspects these women possessed. The picture reflects the attitude of both the character of the sitter and the response of the viewer depending on their application of their feelings towards the Vixen. In conjunction one could ask hunter or hunted, survivor or persecuted

The figurative inspiration came from the photographs of the Ziegfeld follies by Alfred Cheney Johnston and the book Jazz Aged Beauties by Robert Hudovernik goes into a little about the lives of these women. What caught me was the strength and lust for life these women possessed many becoming multi millionaires in their own right while others tragically fell by the way side of life.

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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