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Lunae Lumnen Lepus (Moonlight Hare)

Lunae Lumnen Lepus (Moonlight Hare)

 " Lunae Lumen Lepus" (Moonlight Hare) 

The journey of a thought can take you anywhere.

Lunae Lumen Lepus took me through my thoughts of lighting in old films, its soft romantacism, statuesque poses that suggest more to an unseen story.
Here the scene reveals everything about the story whilst allowing the imagination to take a wonder on its own. The moonlight is and has been portrayed as a magical time that can transfigure a being. transporting the couple here to their thoughts of love trapped in a timeless moment. Its vintage feel tinted by two colours a very subtle application of sepia to the figures and a dusting of Midnight Blue to the nights sky.

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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