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No Flight A3 Print

No Flight A3 Print

This Manimal  artwork is one of four Drawings based on the same person. we are never the same person all the time , we all behave in accordance to the situation or environment we are in. The series of four works based on one person narrate snippet aspects of her personality, attitude and life. The narrative comes through not only the use of animals to depict an element of personality but also the composition and objects the pictures includes. Here I'm drawing on reference and presumed ideas of these elements the  Raven :more modernly popular for its more macabre element to do with death actually masks its true intention in being one of the most intelligent of birds its pose to confront the gaze of the skull resting in the palm of her hand. The Skull : with its associated depiction of death also has a counter representational aspect of being connected with Life and mortality the confident posture hints at the more positive nature of the sitter whilst intentionally playing with a more morbid first response of death and foreboding  the subtle black humour is not a reflection of the sitter but more of her personal experience of life a more typically seen as masculine pose plays her own strength and independent nature. 
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    A3 Limited Edition print are signed and numbered 1of20 and will be posted within 5 working days

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