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Limited Edition 1/20 signed and numbered
Some of the Manimal drawings have taken inspiration from life and events around me. Sometimes those events are truly shocking, The recent world events just seem to touch on madness. Whilst I was creating ideas for this piece more were happening. I cant pretend I can change it all for the better for everyone, but I can say something. It might not help anyone but I can listen, view and respond. I think thats my duty as an Artist.

"#Share" is a reflection, as kitty stands on the knife edge she is giving you that choice, as you reach for the glass of hope, empathy and compassion you fill them for the next person to take a sip. She's live streaming you on social media, to watch the change happen live, she is not creating anarchy she is showing and alternative view of what that change can be. kitty's eyes are looking right at you , your decision, but think at least of that choice. you can be a better human, can't you?

© lee Boyd Artist Surreal Artist Northern Ireland Tel 07866753169

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