Warren Of Friends

A self portrait with friends in a local bar called "The Rabbit Rooms" in Bangor County Down Northern Ireland. Kate (White Wolf) started to talk about a psychological question dealing with the break down of the ego, she went on to explain that we were to each describe ourselves three times as an animal and give a reason why we would want to be like it.  After the round was complete she explained further that the first animal was identity of the aspects of the person we would like to be seen as. The second was what we assumed people noticed us as. The third the more real depiction of our character traits. It was a conversation that was light and in good nature but the aspect of the traits stuck with me as it was so close to the work I was doing with manimal that I decided that I wanted to create the work based on those final animals, myself included.
The location is important as well its a place I first met many of the creative people in the town after setting up a small art collective called “firsty” which has grown from the initial 8 people to over 670 artists networking through out Ireland north and south via Facebook.

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